Local Healthy Fast Food Restaurant, Hälsa, Quietly Closes

Halsa ClosedWe thought readers would like to know that local healthy fast food restaurant, Hälsa, has closed. As you can see from the picture, the windows have been papered-over and there is simply a sign saying “closed, sorry for inconvenience”. A posting on their Facebook page (below) indicates that there were ‘facility issues’ and that they are hoping to relocate. We wish the owners and staff the best and we will let you know when we hear anything new. Hälsa was located at 655 Michigan Ave NE in the Monroe Street Market development.

3 thoughts on “Local Healthy Fast Food Restaurant, Hälsa, Quietly Closes”

  1. Halsa was my favorite place to eat in Brookland for a quick meal. I hope that when they relocate, they will choose Brookland again!

  2. Really surprising and disappointing to learn they’d closed. I loved the delicious and healthy food and the clean look of the space. Such a shame to see a promising new restaurant fail in that location.

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