Brookland Sites Featured In ASLA Landscape Architect’s Guide To DC

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recently launched the Landscape Architect’s Guide to Washington, D.C. The guide is online, free,  and mobile-friendly. The purpose of the guide is to help visitors and locals explore historic, modern and contemporary landscapes in the D.C. Metro area. Brookland has 3 sites listed in the guide:

Although I am not sure I consider the McMillan Site part of Brookland, it is great to see our neighborhood recognized in this guide.

2 thoughts on “Brookland Sites Featured In ASLA Landscape Architect’s Guide To DC”

  1. McMillan is definitely not part of Brookland, but I guess they decided to go with quick-and-dirty instead of checking for accuracy.

    (McMillan should be classified as ‘Bloomingdale’ for certain.)

    1. That’s what I figured too.

      Similarly, I have seen President Lincoln’s Cottage associated with Brookland in other piblications- um, the cottage is in NW!

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