Huge Development, Eckington Yards, Coming To NE DC

Rough Boundaries of the development
Rough Boundaries of the development

Based on the positive feedback we have gotten on our blog posts about development projects happening in other parts of Ward 5, we figured we would keep them coming. After all, these developments, although not in Brookland, will have impacts, positive and negative, on our quality of life.

We recently learned about a huge development planned for nearby Eckington, that runs close to the MBT/MetroTracks, bordered by Q Street NE, Eckington Place NE, and Harry Thomas Way NE, (close to the New York and Florida Avenue NE intersection) . We thought neighbors would appreciate an overhead shot of where this would be so we created the above pic (yes, we know it’s not great, LOL). According to this story in the Washington Business Journal, the 3 acre development, called Eckington Yards:

… is proposed to include 695 residential units in four connected buildings, up to 77,184 square feet of retail (with an optional mezzanine level), 331 underground vehicle parking spaces and 237 bicycle parking spaces.

You can see renderings of the development here. The proposed development will:

  • Target “craft” businesses like distilleries and artists/artisans
  • Feature green roofs and roof top pools
  • Have a pedestrian walkway/central plaza through the whole development

So  far, we don’t know if the residential units will be apartments or condos. We will follow up with updates when we hear anything big.

2 thoughts on “Huge Development, Eckington Yards, Coming To NE DC”

  1. Actually, as I understand it the development will leave the sef-storage building and the townhouses alone and will basically be bounded by those buildings on the north and the Trilogy NoMA buildings on the south. There is also a two-acre park planned just to the east.

    1. Thanks Kristen. We weren’t sure where the northern boundaries of the development are, so we left it open. Glad to hear about the park.

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