Silvestre’s Restaurant – Closed And Gutted

Ever since it opened in October 2010, Silvestre’s has been a popular neighborhood restaurant. The food was simple, delicious, affordable and generously portioned. But things were not always perfect. It was robbed at gunpoint in early 2014, and although the staff was friendly, and the place was spacious, it never moved beyond being a quick take-out place. While we supported Silvestre’s by ordering from there often, it never felt like a place you wanted to be. It was cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer, not to mention that the food only came in “to go” boxes and there was little in the way of ambiance. In recent months we became aware that the restaurant was behind in rent, and as of now is closed.

We recently posted about the space above the restaurant that was renovated and is now available for lease. The building has been dubbed the Gateway to Brookland, has a website and is described as a

“…new community-serving space. This corner location at 12th and Hamlin Streets NE will set the stage for outdoor seating, large windows lining the streets, and 2nd floor and cellar space ready for new tenants. We look forward to this being the next great gathering space for Brookland.”

As you can see from the photos above, demolition has already begun and the Silvestre’s signage has been taken down. (You need flash to view the photos. If you can’t see them, click here to open the album.) While we will miss the yummy chicken we are excited for new things to come. Silvestre’s was located at 3000 12th Street NE (northwest corner of 12th and Hamlin Streets).

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