WaPo Article Discusses Brookland Development And Small Community Balance

More of this on the way

This Washington Post article was published a while ago, but we thought readers who missed it would like to give it a read. The article is a profile of the neighborhood and includes interviews from two neighbors, Dan Schramm and Caroline Petti who share their observations about the increase in development in and around Brookland. Like many Brooklanders, both were drawn to the neighborhood’s “small town feel”.  From the article:

What has precipitated the most recent change in Brookland? According to Petti, who was the civic association president for four years beginning in 2009, the improving economy and the 2014 opening of the Monroe Street Market, a mixed-use development near the Brookland Metro Station and Catholic University on the opposite side from the original downtown, “unleashed the deluge.”

As with any change, different reactions abound.

“There’s a lot of trepidation about all the development that’s going on in the neighborhood,” said Petti, who leads history tours in Brookland. “At the same time, it’s not necessarily all unwelcome.”

Overall, we thought that the article was pretty informative and balanced.

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