Brookland Bids Farewell To Col. Brooks’ Tavern

Crowd at Col Brooks On Closing Night Brookland NE Washington DC
Colonel Brooks’ Tavern was packed for last night with patrons wanting one more hurrah

Last night was the last chance for those wanting to bid farewell to a Brookland institution, the much storied watering hole Colonel Brooks’ Tavern. I have only lived in Brookland for 3 years, but in that time I grew fond of the place. It was the only place I have ever gone where the bartender would be preparing my drink (a Stella Artois draught) as I approached my bar stool, before words were exchanged. Last night the house was packed with revelers telling stories of pitchers of beer following long nights of studying at Catholic U, of first dates there that resulted in marriages, of federal employees who would trudge there through snow storms when their offices were closed for the day. Life is about never-ending change, sometimes all you can do is honor the best of our past and look forward to the future. Many thanks to Jim Stiegman and the crew at the Tavern for serving the community for so  many years!

Here are some photos we have taken of the Tavern in the weeks before it closed.

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