Local Start Up STUFF’t Takes Over Dew Drop Inn Saturday

We thought readers would like to know about a stromboli pop-up event happening this Saturday, October 24th at The Dew Drop Inn. The stombolis will be served up by STUFF’t, which is owned by Edgewood residents  Lauren and Bryan.  From Lauren:

We are a new, local start-up based out of Mess Hall in Edgewood. Our goal is to provide a modern and delicious take on the traditional Italian stromboli. Our ‘strombolis’ are made with homemade pizza dough, ‘stuff’t’ with a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables and baked to crispy perfection. We are very excited to feature 4 varieties at the Dew Drop Inn: pepperoni & cheese; fresh & sundried tomatoes, basil and cheese; meatloaf & mashed potatoes; and chicken & waffles.

Sounds like a delicious way to support local entrepreneurs! STUFF’t is taking over the kitchen from 3:00 p.m. to close. The Dew Drop Inn is located at 2801 8th Street NE.

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