Honor Howard Politzer Day Celebrates 40 Years Of Brookland Hardware Saturday

We recently wrote about Brookland True Value Hardware store closing after being open for over 40 years. Since that time, the Washington Post has picked up on the story, and WJLA broadcasted this story. Also, don’t  miss this super informative blog post from Bygone Brookland about the history of the location and store.  We stopped by and took the photos below of the liquidation sale that is going on till everything is gone.

An event is planned for Saturday, August 1 from 11am-1pm at the store to celebrate and honor Howard Politzer’s legacy and contribution to the neighborhood. Invited guests include Mayor Muriel Bowser and Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie. Brookland True Value Hardware is located at 3501 12th Street NE.

One thought on “Honor Howard Politzer Day Celebrates 40 Years Of Brookland Hardware Saturday”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I went to express my gratitude to Howard for Brookland Hardware, the existence of which was one of the reasons I moved to Brookland/Woodridge. Such a charming store! Such a charming guy, with staff and great stuff.

    I learned of this event from your posting–what an important source of information this blog is for me! Deeply appreciated.

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