Help Out The Friends Of Noyes Park By Completing This Simple Form

Kids enjoying Noyes Park
Kids enjoying Noyes Park

We recently heard from our friend, Friends of Noyes Park President Carlos Pinto. He is asking that Brooklanders take a moment to complete this form in order to demonstrate to the ANC 5B commissioners that the FoNP is supported by the community. Filling out the form will take you about 30 seconds and here is an explanation why you should do it:

The Friends of Noyes Park (FoNP) is seeking to be designated by the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) as the official organization charged with supporting Noyes Park.

At present, the FoNP has been an extremely active DPR-recognized “Adopt-a-Park” group and its primary responsibilities have been to advocate for and assisting in ensuring that Noyes Park remains a clean and safe place for children, adults, and seniors of all ages to enjoy.

This is and will always continue to be the FoNP’s primary objective. However, if DPR permits the FoNP to graduate from an “Adopt-a-Park” group to a

“Friends of” group the FONP will also be permitted to:

  1. host fundraisers at Noyes Park, which in turn will,
  2. allow the FoNP to purchase and/or receive donations of equipment needed to make park improvements, and
  3. allow the FoNP to conduct community events and programs that enrich the community’s residents.

To obtain the “Friends of” designation, the FoNP is required to:

  • demonstrate support from the community that the FoNP is the appropriate group to steward Noyes Park, and
  • receive a letter from support from the ANC 5B.

The FoNP will be seeking the ANC 5B’s letter of support shortly after they resume meetings after the summer recess. In the meantime, however, the FoNP is urging all residents who visit the park to take a moment and complete this brief form.

The FoNP’s development director, Christina Macken (christina(at)friendsofnoyespark(dot)org) is available to provide responses to all questions/comments/concerns received.

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