Longtime Business, Petals Ribbons And Beyond, Seeks Your Input Ahead Of Re-Opening

Photo courtesy of www.petalsribbonsbeyond.net
Photo courtesy of www.petalsribbonsbeyond.net

One of our favorite local businesses is  Petals Ribbons & Beyond. For readers who have not visited this longtime Brookland location, the store has been a combination florist and gift shop/card store for over 15 years.

We recently learned that Sara Lucas, the store owner, is in the process of updating both the store itself and her merchandise. I spoke with the team helping to spruce the place up and they said that Sara is soliciting input on the types of things neighbors would like to buy, so she can re-stock the store.

Please share your thoughts here so that collectively, we can help Petals Ribbons & Beyond remain a successful business. While I love our local restaurants and bars, I think our neighborhood still lacks  walkability and the types of retail that will keep our dollars in the neighborhood. If you feel the same way, here is your chance to ask for the types of things you would like to buy.

As for the next steps, right now, there is a sidewalk sale going on at Petals, so Sara can make room for the new inventory, and make room for the renovations to come. After some fresh coats of paint, store rearranging,  landscaping, and new merchandise ordering, the store will have a re-grand opening this fall.

Petals, Ribbons and Beyond is located at 3906 12th Street NE (near Quincy Street, next to San Antonio Bar and Grill). We will follow up with more information as Sara moves ahead with her re-boot!

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