Sneak Peek – Dew Drop Inn Bar/Restaurant Opens Next Week

Late last year we were bummed to report that Chocolate City Beer was closing. At the time it seemed hard to imagine  that a cool new bar/restaurant would quietly take its place. But that is exactly what is happening, and on June 17th, the Dew Drop Inn will officially open its doors.

We were lucky enough to  get a sneak peek of the new establishment, which is owned by the same folks behind the Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights.

Aside from the decidedly retro vibe, you can’t help but notice that this place is different from the other restaurants that have recently opened in the area. No TVs. No reclaimed wood and Edison bulbs, no fancy menu items. With a straightforward and somewhat limited menu, this place straddles the line between bar and restaurant.

There are some refined, but not too fancy bar snacks like a the “brewers cheese plate” and classics like soft pretzels with mustard. I tried the mixed olives and nuts and enjoyed the nice selection of olives. I also ordered the “loose caboose” sandwich – it was super good because all the ingredients were tight – nice, simple, fresh, and high quality.

With a great outdoor patio overlooking the train tracks, we  think this place will definitely be a hot spot this summer. We plan to have an interview with the owner, Matt, in the coming days so readers can learn more about his vision and what to expect from this new neighborhood watering hole.

The Dew Drop Inn is located at located at 2801 8th St. NE, near the entrance to the Met Branch Trail.

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Dew Drop Inn Bar/Restaurant Opens Next Week”

  1. This looks amazing! Thank you for giving us a sneak peak! Now to go and order a $24 Moonbeam Special sub. 😉

  2. This is fantastic. My wife and I live a block away and I’m so happy to have another quality establishment locate in Brookland. I will definitely be there on 6/17/15. See you all there!!

  3. Thanks for the write up and the visuals. Looks like a neat, new place. My only question: is that Budget rent-a-truck always parked out front? The Google Street View shows the same truck but no signage for the restaurant or tables outside. 😉

  4. I too live a few blocks away. I jogged by yesterday and noticed they put a few signs on the building, but that’s about it. Hope parking doesn’t overflow to the resident streets. Excited for a new bar in walkin distance though!

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