ANC 5B Meeting Tonight – Howard Divinity School Development

The next ANC 5B meeting will  be held on May 27, 2015 at 6:30 pm. The meeting will be held at the Perry Street Preparatory Public Charter School (1800 Perry St NE). The Howard University President will be there, and it is expected he will speak to widespread rumors about development at the Howard Divinity School at 1400 Shepherd St NE. (We haven’t seen any development plans, but we have heard that the Divinity School building will be renovated.) For more info about the meeting, see the flyer below.

ANC 5B May 2015 Meeting

4 thoughts on “ANC 5B Meeting Tonight – Howard Divinity School Development”

  1. This community and its meetings should NOT be dominated by one bossy, arrogant, loud, selfish woman. It is the duty of the chair of ANC5B to ensure that!

    Many of us recognize the good will and selfless contributions of our commissioners even when we disagree with a specific proposal they might put forward.

    Black, white, and brown, female and male, young and old, we are sick and tired of seeing one specific loud and selfish woman harangue and threaten and carry on.

    Time for some fair-mindedness and fairness.

    One bad apple that purposely steps-on-toes cannot spoil our community.

    Good-hearted, fair-minded neighborhood commissioners like Joe Barrios and Michael Morrison should be recognized for their selfless contributions to the community. They deserve to be protected and recognized for their fine, unpaid work, whether or not one agrees with a specific proposal. We are all adults and can amicably and politely disagree with each other. As adults, we do not resort to nonsense like faked signatures, lies, threats of revenge, etc, which cannot be tolerated.

    ANC meetings need to be respectful; any bad apple who purposely steps-on-toes and threatens and harangues others must not be allowed to do so.

  2. I hear you both, and I agree. I would LOVE to attend many of the neighborhood meetings and speak up, but getting to some of them can be a challenge. This last meeting was held a nearly 30-minute walk/transit ride from the Brookland Metro and in a place where transit options from the community don’t work (I tried several permutations on Google maps, and they all came up with “walk 25 minutes or more”…yeah, it was close to the G8 and E2 bus lines (and the G8 was the nearly 30-minute-from-the-Metro option), but both of those are WAY out of my way from home!).

    Would anyone be interested in doing a ride-share to meetings like this? I don’t own a car (obviously), but am willing to chip in for gas for carpools, when they’re located in a place that isn’t foot/transit accessible from the major Metro/bus routes that serve the area. I’d also be very willing to split a cab or Uber! I’m in the south end of Brookland, near 12th, near RIA…

    1. Car pooling: great idea, why not ask Commissioners Joe Barrios if he would put out a call for people to share rides whenever the main ANC meetings are in the eastern or the northern parts of ANC 5B?

      I am far from 12th myself. But I would bet you would find others who would love to attend if they could go with someone!

      As for speaking up, there is so little opportunity for it–but if bad apples are allowed to attack generous people in a meeting, that just has to be opposed. We all have to oppose it, and name it, and call it out. It is obviously selfish and childish, that it is shocking that anyone would countenance it and allow it.

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