Metro Seeks Developers For Two Brookland Land Parcels

Photo courtesy of City Paper
Photo courtesy of City Paper

Yesterday we learned from this City Paper article that Metro is soliciting bids for two small parcels of land it owns on 9th Street NE, along the Metro tracks.

One parcel, just over 21,000 square feet, is north of the INLE Development at 9th and Lawrence which is a commercial office building that is nearly complete (we wrote about it here.). The other parcel, which is over 16,000 square feet, is south of the townhome development at 9th and Kearny NE, that we wrote about here in March. Both parcels are currently grassy areas. Development proposals are due to Metro by June 19. We will let you know when we hear anything new.


One thought on “Metro Seeks Developers For Two Brookland Land Parcels”

  1. Is there any campaign (or hope) that Metro NOT develop these parcels? I think development there will be ugly and we will lose one of the only public grassy strips in the neighborhood. First, that new building is a terrible eye sore. It looks incredibly cheap and doesn’t fit at all with its surroundings. If that’s the kind of project Metro will pick again, I’m worried about the other two parcels. The triangular spot in particular is such as awkward size, it could only be worse! Secondly, I used to really like that strip of grass, one of the few “public” grassy areas south of Monroe to walk my dog (dogs are not allowed on the turf at Noyes). Maybe I’m one of the few people without a yard in that neighborhood. I really wish they could leave at least the triangle area as a small park.

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