Pepco Green Wall For 12th Street Finally Confirmed

Mark Buscaino announcing the green wall last night
Mark Buscaino announcing the green wall last night

Many readers may remember our petition to bring a “green wall”  to the Pepco Substation 133 building on the 3100 block of 12th Street, NE (between Irving and Jackson). Well,  we have great news to share! Last night at the Canopy Awards, hosted by Casey Trees, Executive Director Mark Buscaino announced that we should see a “Green Wall” trellis structure along the entire length of the  Substation wall, and cut out planter beds to hold the vines, installed by mid July. According to Mr. Buscaino, it will be the largest green wall in Washington DC. Pepco will install the structure and plant the vines, and overall, the end product is going to be better than what we originally asked for.

Help us turn this wall into a unique green space!
Current Pepco wall

I would like to give the biggest credit and many thanks to Mark, who didn’t hesitate to represent the Brookland community, offering his expertise and using the influence of his organization,  Casey Trees, which added more weight to our case.

Along with Mark, another key person who made this project possible was Donna Cooper, President of Pepco. Donna heard our request to beautify the building in early 2013, listened to our case, and met with us on multiple occasions. All this despite her busy schedule and obviously, much larger tasks and issues she has to deal with, and in the end, she approved the plan.

It has been a long process, which started two years ago when I approached Pepco and suggested that the huge brick wall along their substation needs some green beautification. It was obvious that it would improve the appearance of the building, but also act as a noise buffer and reduce the storm water run off. I reached out to the local community here on the blog and received overwhelming support for this idea, which encouraged me to not give up on this plan, and of course showed Pepco that DC residents pay attention to what large corporations like Pepco give back to the community.

The negotiations went back and forth often with months of delay in between. Design, maintenance plans, plant choice and permits were just a few of the aspects that had to be agreed on and taken care of.

Lastly, I would like to mention two other people who were instrumental in making this project possible.

Joe Barrios and CM McDuffie at a 2013 Brookland event.
Joe Barrios and CM McDuffie at a 2013 Brookland event.

Joe Barrios, ANC 5B04 Commissioner. When we began this process, Joe wasn’t Commissioner yet, but he was an involved and engaged neighbor. Joe’s legal expertise and advice helped us greatly at the negotiations table.

Kenyan McDuffie, Ward 5 Councilmember. Mr. McDuffie was the catalyst in the very beginning of this process. He hosted the first meeting with myself, Shani and Donna Cooper and her team. He requested updates on a regular basis and nudged Pepco here and there to add some very helpful official pushes in the right direction.

This is the most recent design plan provided by Pepco:

Pepco Green Wall Design Plan

We hope to have more plans and updates as the project moves forward this summer. We are so excited that this win-win concept will be brought to bear for our neighborhood.

6 thoughts on “Pepco Green Wall For 12th Street Finally Confirmed”

  1. As a resident of 12th St NE a few blocks from the sub-station I wanted to say I am fully supportive of this idea. I actually did not know this was being worked on but am pleasantly surprised at the dedication my neighbors, Casey Trees, and Pepco have demonstrated. Congratulations on a great idea. I hope the wall will be enjoyed by all and not vandalized.

  2. Thank you, Astrid and Joe, for your perseverance, time and dedication to this project! The green wall will be yet another critical element that improves the quality-of-life (and marketability for future investment) of the 12th St. corridor.

    As a Steward with Casey Trees, we are truly lucky to have them in Brookland. Their tree planting and environmental efforts benefit the entire city, and I am so grateful they chose Brookland as their home.

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