Large Tree Knocks Out Power To South Brookland

A good number of residences in south Brookland had their power and internet knocked out almost immediately in the strong storms that blew by the DC area on Saturday September 8th (including mine). The reasons for this particular outage became clear as I explored the neighborhood after the rain stopped.

A huge tree at the corner of 13th and Hamlin fell onto 13th street, taking out the power lines as it fell. The owners of the house on the corner are fortunate the tree did not fall in its direction. The police were on the scene and had the streets blocked off as the power lines were smoking while lying on the street and clearly were an extreme hazard.

I called Pepco a short time later to report the situation as a life-threatening emergency, and was stunned when the Pepco rep told me that nobody had called the situation in before I had. Which goes to show, don’t assume someone else has called the police or has taken care of the emergency–you have to do it yourself!

Anyway, Pepco came out a few hours later and began the work to restore everything, which took over a day. Comcast had internet service back shortly thereafter. Thanks to all the hardworking repair technicians for working through the night and getting everything back in service again!

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