Construction Begins At New Townhome Development on 9th Street NE

Getinet Bantayehu 9th street townhousesA parcel of property on 9th Street NE between Kearny and Lawrence is finally starting to see the construction of eight townhomes, which will be two units each, for a total of 16 new residential units. Although it just broke ground, this development already has a bit of history behind it.

In the fall of 2013 we learned that the development company Oxbridge group purchased the property for $500,000. They then sought neighborhood feedback at several meetings including ANC and BNCA meetings. One of the hurdles the development faced was zoning hearings in order to “downzone” the property from industrial to residential use. Once that hurdle was cleared, Oxbridge quickly sold the property to  real estate developer  Getinet Bantayehu for  $1.6 million. We recently learned that this new developer secured construction permits, and it appears that the development is moving ahead quickly.

According to nearby neighbors, construction started two weeks ago.  As you can see from the photo the footings and the wall for lower level of the townhomes along the sidewalk have been poured, and workers started hauling off dirt a few days ago.

4 thoughts on “Construction Begins At New Townhome Development on 9th Street NE”

  1. It is kind of miraculous that someone still wants to develop townhouses on this site, even though the office building next door — which was developed by right and without so much as a word to the community — makes a distinctly unlovely neighbor.

    Oxbridge did elect to take the money and run once it had acquired R-4 zoning for the site, but only after Mr. Totah’s patient efforts to get community support for the R-4 had been dismissively undermined by the then-ANC member for the parcel, Carolyn Steptoe, who clearly wanted to rile Brookland up one more time on her way out the door.

    If we do not, through our ANCs and BNCA, assert some right to shape development in our neighborhood, some of us are going to wake up one morning to find a J Edgar Hoover Building look-alike across the street.

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