Parking Garage With 1492 Spaces Planned For Brookland Metro Station

Unfortunately, we missed the ANC 5B05 meeting last week, but we were able to catch up with neighbors who filled us in. At the meeting there was a presentation by Douglas Development about their plans to build a 1492-space parking garage at 818 Michigan Avenue  (next to the Metro tracks, north of the Drew (Michigan Avenue) Bridge near the Comcast building). Here are some renderings of the planned garage.

The garage is being  built for Children’s National Medical Center, and shuttle buses are planned that will transport  people back and forth. The implications for increased traffic around 10th Street NE, Michigan Ave and the Turkey Thicket area are pretty drastic, assuming the garage’s nearly 1,500 parking spaces see heavy use. Which seems likely, given that people such as Metro Riders who are not affiliated with the Medical Center will be allowed to park there. From what we have learned there have been no traffic studies associated with this development.

Because the way this parcel of land is zoned, the developer may build the garage as a “matter of right” meaning  that as long as they conform to the Zoning Regulations, then they can develop the property with no additional zoning approval required, beyond the Office of the Zoning Administrator’s initial review. Which means that community input is not required.

At the end of the meeting, ANC Commissioner John Feeley asked if there were any supporters of the garage as presented, and there were none out of the 50 or so attendees. There will be a follow up ANC meeting covering this topic on the second Monday in April.

8 thoughts on “Parking Garage With 1492 Spaces Planned For Brookland Metro Station”

  1. Wow. I don’t know what’s worse: vacant/underutilized industrial buildings with parking for buses and trash trucks, or a 1,492-space parking garage.

    Certainly, this is the reward that residents of Perry Place get for opposing previous plans for residential development in this location!

  2. I am not necessarily opposed to this parking garage, especially since there really isn’t anything worth saving in that area – but I do not understand why the medical center wants to invest in such a large garage so far from their location? Wouldn’t it make more sense to build the garage in one of the multiple seas of surface parking lots in that hospital complex and do away with the shuttle?

    1. I wondered that, too.

      Knowing Doug Jemal, it’s a strategic ploy to get neighbors to support residential development on the site, which is a far superior use to the slum conditions on the parcel today. Moreover, moderate-density residential would generate far fewer daily vehicle trips than a 1,492-space garage!

  3. Perry Place Neighbors are joining together to stop the development of a garage in our small family oriented community. We have schools nearby and many children who play in parks near the proposed garage. Like many other urban areas our children suffer from respiratory ailments, like asthma which will be made worse by the huge influx of cars to the proposed garage.
    That’s why I signed a petition to Kurt Newman, MD, President Children’s National Medical Center, Ramu Potarazu, Secretary-Treasurer, and 8 others.
    Will you sign this petition? Click here:


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