80 Acre Development Slated For Nearby Armed Forces Retirement Home

The southeastern portion of the campus would be developed. (AFRH)
The grey shaded area (“A”-southeast parcel), will be solicited for development. Diagram courtesy of the Armed Forced Retirement Home.

Yesterday we learned that the General Services Administration will issue a request for proposals to build out an 80 acre plot on the property of the nearby Armed Forces Retirement Home (also known as the Old Soldiers’ Home). The 272 acre federally owned property  provides over 400 units of independent living for military retirees. Income from the development will go towards funding the retirement home.  According to this story in the Washington Post:

Next month the Old Soldiers’ Home, as it is often referred, will begin seeking a private partner capable of developing up to 80 acres of its campus, located between North Capitol Street to the east, Rock Creek Church Road and Park Place to the west and Irving Street to the south.

The home’s master plan calls for an entire neighborhood’s worth of housing, offices, medical facilities, retail and a hotel in the southeastern corner of the property. In all, it calls for 4.3 million square feet of development…

Assuming this development moves forward, it will easily be one of the biggest developments in the city. The GSA hopes to pick a developer by the fall of 2015. We will let you know when we learn anything new.

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