Brookland/CUA Metro Development Update

MRP Brookland
Rendering courtesy of MRP

In August, we posted that WMATA selected a developer,  MRP Realty, for the property east of the Brookland Metro Station. In November, the Developer and WMATA representatives presented high level plans at the Michigan Park Citizens Association meeting for  approximately 280 apartments between two buildings with ground-floor retail with the possibility of a grocery store. At that time, the developer and WMATA were negotiating lease terms (term sheet) which was then taken to the WMATA Board of Directors and recently approved.  We recently learned from a Washington Business Journal article that the development may not break ground until late 2019 or 2020. The next steps for the development include presenting legal contractual documents to the WMATA Board for approval, and going through DC’s Zoning Commission’s Planned Unit Development process, which may take up to four years.


One thought on “Brookland/CUA Metro Development Update”

  1. I’m wanting the committee to seriously consider moving this plan forward by a few years. What good would it be to us if the thing is not built by 2017? Most of us here in the area will be gone!

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