New Development May Bring 41 Townhomes To Holy Redeemer College Property

Many thanks to reader Derek, who passed along a Notice of Intent to File a Zoning Application for a potential development on the property of the Holy Redeemer College. The applicant, MHI-Brookland, plans to file a Planned Unit Development application with DC’s Zoning Commission soon for a two-stage development that would eventually comprise 41 townhomes. The College is actually not an educational institution, but is considered “Religiously Affiliated housing” for Catholic U, and borders the Chancellor’s Row development along 7th Street NE. I have passed by this building many many times and have admired both the building’s architectural beauty and the many mature trees that flank it along 7th street, and hope that this development, if approved, will not detract or affect either. For more details, see a photo of the letter sent to neighbors below. We will keep you updated on anything we learn regarding this potential development.

Letter sent to nearby residents
Letter sent to nearby residents

4 thoughts on “New Development May Bring 41 Townhomes To Holy Redeemer College Property”

  1. Is nothing sacred? I understand the need for money on the side of the Redeptorists S they have been my neighbors for ten years, but! Once again I am appalled by the greed of the developers. Why build ten homes when you can squeeze in 41? There isn’t any balance in this world of development, and it makes me ill. Life is not all about money and greed, we need balance to save the wonderful character of our neighborhood.

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