New Development, Channing Place, Coming To Brookland

Rendering Courtesy of  Jemal's Channing,LLC
Rendering Courtesy of Jemal’s Channing, LLC

Several readers have asked us why a large warehouse along the Metro tracks near Rhode Island Avenue has been torn down and another is surrounded by construction fencing. Up until recently, we didn’t know the most recent plans. Readers may recall that more than 2 years ago we posted about potential plans for this site that were not quite as nice as the new ones, and called for apartments with large parking lots. Speculation about what would happen with this site is not new. The company that owns the property, Douglas Jemal/ Jemal’s LLC, has been sitting on it for over 12 years, and as this City Paper article about the site noted years ago, there are tax implications for letting blighted buildings sit without any plans for development. In any case, we are happy the new project is moving forward, it looks very nice. Since the last time we wrote about this potential development site, the developer has secured a change in zoning from industrial to commercial, and they can move ahead with the project as a matter of right (meaning no community input is required).

So, it turns out that the new development plans call for a residential project consisting of two six-story buildings. The development will include condominiums and no retail  spaces. The development team presented their plans at the ANC 5B meeting on November 14th and just recently ANC 5B04 Commissioner-elect Joe Barrios uploaded the Channing Place design presentation to his website, you can find it here.  The presentation is worth a look, it is 22 pages long, and has a lot of renderings. We will let you know when we hear anything new.

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