Monroe Street Market Presented Phase II At ANC 5E01 Meeting

Image courtesy of Abdo Development

Bozzuto Development, represented by Manager Ivan Matthews, gave a presentation about phase II of the Monroe Street Market Development (which is marked as Block A2 on the image) at the ANC 5E01 meeting on 10/8/2014. In 2009 -2010 they went through the Planned Unit Development (PUD) approval process , so plans were locked in at that time. This phase of the development is bordered by Lawrence, Kearney and 7th Street NE and will be 45 Town homes with 2 parking spots each.

The development will include a private street managed by the homeowners association. There will be 4 models ranging from 1,900 -2,400 sq feet. After breaking ground in about 40 days, 4-6 months of site work and 12 months of vertical construction will follow until early 2016. By the 4th quarter of 2015 the first units are expected to be delivered.

Bozzuto agreed to very strict construction times to accommodate the concerns of immediate neighbors. Heavy truck traffic and deliveries are only allowed from 9am – 3pm. Due to the large volume of new housing units, the city requires the water main on 7th Street between Kearney and Lawrence to be replaced. That will create about 30 days of inconvenience for the residents on that block, as well as the temporary rerouting of bus traffic.

The price levels for the new town houses have not been set yet, but are expected to be published once a market analysis has been completed at the end of the first quarter of 2015.  3 homes will be set aside for affordable housing. Right now the property is a vacant lot. Most of the mature trees will have to be removed for the construction, but the developer will be planting 40 -50 new trees. 

Especially residents who live close to the site can reach out to ANC Commissioner Debbie Steiner (5E01). Ms. Steiner has been in close contact with the Management and Development team of Monroe Street Market. She can be reached at or 202-681-0095.

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  1. Is Block E part of a different phase? Block E is the last shot for a grocery store, correct? Any Holy Redeemer sale / development news?

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