Brookland Location on 12th Street (photo courtesy of

Brookland Location on 12th Street (photo courtesy of

Yes! Organic Market announced on their Facebook page, that starting immediately customers can place delivery orders online. They partner with Instacart, an online platform that is used by many other well established businesses for their delivery services. Here is their statement:

Yes! Organic Market is pleased to announce that we have selected Instacart as our delivery service partner. Effective today, customers can order from a virtual Yes! store and have it delivered to their door in as little as an hour!
Instacart will help us further realize our ongoing commitment to bringing healthy food to neighborhoods across the Washington, DC area. Delivery service is available in all of DC and some surrounding parts of Maryland and Virginia.
Visit to try it out!

Just in case you didn’t have the chance to visit our own Brookland location of Yes! Organic, here is the store information:

Yes! Organic Market – Brookland
Store Location
3809 12th St NE
Brookland DC, 20017
Store Hours
Mon 8am – 10pm
Tue 8am – 10pm
Wed 8am – 10pm
Thu 8am – 10pm
Fri 8am – 10pm
Sat 8am – 10pm
Sun 9am – 9pm



Get Money Back For Planting A Tree

by Astrid on April 16, 2014


Image Courtesy of Casey Trees

Our good friends at Casey Trees remind us about the tree rebate program that is funded by the DC Department of the Environment. You can start by checking out the list of qualifying tree species on the Casey Trees website. You also want to make sure you pick a good tree for the location you identified. The CT website offers a lot of helpful information that guides you through the entire process from selecting, planting and caring for the tree.

Black Gum Tree in our Back Yard

Black Gum Tree in our Back Yard (partially funded by the Tree Rebate Program)

The beautiful Black Gum Tree on the left is just one of multiple trees we submitted a rebate application for.

On their blog CT describes how easy it is to submit an application for a tree rebate:

Participation is simple: purchase a tree from a vendor of your choosing, plant it in D.C., then download our form and submit the rebate with a purchase receipt for each tree. There is no limit to the number of rebates per property.

Many large canopy trees, thanks to their immense environmental benefits, qualify for rebates of up to $100 per tree. Most small and medium canopy trees also qualify, for rebates up to $50 per tree. Invasives, dwarf and ash trees however do not qualify for a rebate of any amount. Refer to our species list for more help.



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GBGC House and Garden Tour Party 2013. Photo Courtesy of Tom Bridge's Bit Bucket.

GBGC House and Garden Tour Party 2013. Photo Courtesy of Tom Bridge’s Bit Bucket.

The Greater Brookland Garden Club House and Garden Tour is one of the major annual events that really brings our community together. Not only that, but it is a terrific showcase for those outside of Brookland to get to know what a fantastic neighborhood we live in. The House and Garden Tour will be Sunday, June 8th. More details will be coming soon.


Good times at the LGBT Party last month.

Good times at the LGBT Party last month.

Every month members of the LGBT community in Brookland and surrounding neighborhoods like Eckington, Edgewood, and Woodridge get together to socialize and build community. This month the group will be getting together on Saturday, April 19th, at 7:00 pm at a home in Brookland for a Easter/Spring party. All are welcome. If interested in attending, send us a note via the contact page and we will send you the address. Guests are encouraged to wear pastels, crazy bonnets and any other spring inspired finery. Please bring a dish or drink to share to compliment the baked ham that will be served. See you there!


We are pleased to bring you East City Art‘s Weekend Event Round Up. East City Art is a blog founded by editor Phil Hutinet in January, 2010, which documents the myriad of artistic activities happening in the Northeast and Southeast quadrants of the city. Congrats to East City Art for winning City Paper’s Best Arts Blog of 2014!

Weekend East City Event Round Up:  April Super Saturday Edition

Saturday, April 12

Art Enables– 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Art Enables’ April second Saturday workshop is all about the superhero!  Create you very own with all materials supplied. Details on this free activity here.  

Art Enables is located at 2204 Rhode Island Avenue NE

Salve Regina Gallery– 2 p.m. (curators talk) 3 p.m. (closing reception)

Meet the curators of Under the Influence: Reverberations of the Washington Color School and discuss their selection of eight well-known DC artists whose work best represents the Washington Color School.  A closing reception follows.  For more information about the exhibition, click here.    

Salve Regina gallery is located in Salve Regina Hall on the CUA Campus, 620 Michigan Avenue NE

Catalyst Projects– 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Capitol Hill-based Catalyst Projects has partnered with doris-mae to exhibit new work by DC-based artist Steve Wanna whose work in A Slight Suggestion combines music, video, sculpture and photography to describe sights and sounds specific to observed locations.  For more information, click here.

doris-mae is located at 1716 14th Street NW, second floor

Washington Project for the Arts– 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

In the ongoing Hothouse Video Series, the WPA will inaugurate three Jonathan Monaghan videos whose surreal imagery employ Baroque architecture and science fiction. The animated series loops endlessly while touching on themes of wealth and power absent of morality or meaning.  For more info, click here.

The Hothouse videos are located in the lobby of the Capitol Skyline Hotel located at 10 I (eye) Street SW.


Agniet Snoep "Still Life Series: Oyster" 2013, C-Print mounted on aluminum.  Courtesy CONNERSMITH.

Agniet Snoep “Still Life Series: Oyster” 2013, C-Print mounted on aluminum. Courtesy CONNERSMITH.

CONNERSMITH– 5 p.m. (artist talk) 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (opening)

CONNERSMITH presents two concurrent exhibitions by artists Katie Miller and Agniet Snoep who have rendered traditional subject matter such as portraiture and still-lifes contemporaneous through the use of 21st Century imaging technology.  For a full description, click here.  Read an interview with Agniet Snoep by East City Art’s Eric Hope here.

CONNERSMITH is located at 1358 Florida Ave. NE

artDC Gallery–  7 p.m. to  10 p.m.

artDC Gallery in Hyattsville is exhibiting the works of eight area-based abstract painters whose vibrant palettes and shapes mirror the arrival of spring.  For a full list of exhibitors, click here.

artDC Gallery is located at 5710 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD

Sunday, April 13

Montpelier Art Center–  2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

DC Glassworks artist Joseph Corcoran and painter Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann find An Uncommon Intersection between Glass and Paint.  Tzu-Lan Mann’s mixed media work, which can become three-dimensional when her two-dimensional decoupages foliate into large-scale mobiles, seamlessly pairs with Corcoran’s blown-glass sculptures.

The Montpelier Arts Center is located at 9652 Muirkirk Road, Laurel, MD

Phil Hutinet is the Editor-in-Chief of East City Art.  You can get more information about East City Art on Facebook  by follow them on Twitteror click here to sign up for their newsletter.


120px-Freedom_of_Information_logoAnyone who follows our blog, or just Brookland civic events, is aware of an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) court case involving ANC 5B04 Commissioner Steptoe and a private citizen, Conor Crimmins, over her audio recording of the  April 2013 ANC 5B-04 meeting. The result of the FOIA case was this summary judgment, requiring Commissioner Steptoe to release the recording. In our latest update on this case, we shared that Commissioner Steptoe was subpoenaed after the attorney for ANC 5B stated that the recording is unavailable and that the ANC had taken all reasonable steps to produce it unsuccessfully. At the court date for which Commissioner Steptoe was subpoenaed, an eye-witness told me that the Commissioner claimed that she had no idea what happened to the recording. She also turned the audio recorder over to the judge, and the judge, in turn, allowed a forensics expect to examine the recorder. According to a discussion I had with Mr. Crimmins, the forensics expert was able to retrieve the audio file in less than an hour at a cost of just over $300. The forensics expert is also creating a report that will be submitted to the court that states that the recording was deleted. You can hear the recording here. Note that the part of the meeting concerning Brookland’s Finest Restaurant, that I would suspect many readers would be most interested in, begins around the 48 minute mark.

As for the next steps in the case, the attorney for Mr. Crimmins will be filing a motion soon alleging Civil Contempt of Court, which basically means failure to adhere to an order from the court. We will let you know when we get any further news in this ongoing court case.


The Brookland Bridge Blog Takes A Break And Local News Rundown

April 6, 2014

Dear Readers, We have decided to take a break. When we started the blog a year and a half ago, we set a goal of posting one blog post a day. For the most part we have been able to do so, despite challenges like a death in our family, and fun distractions like vacations. […]

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Greater Brookland Garden Club Membership Drive – Time To Sign Up!

April 4, 2014

The Greater Brookland Garden Club (GBGC) is a great way to meet your neighbors and share/learn about gardening, not to mention the awesome parties! Becoming a member has never been easier as you can now pay your annual dues online at their membership page.  Dues are $15 for the year, and get you invited to garden parties every other month on Sundays […]

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Weekend East City Event Round Up: H Street Voodoo Edition

April 3, 2014

We are pleased to bring you East City Art‘s Weekend Event Round Up. East City Art is a blog founded by editor Phil Hutinet in January, 2010, which documents the myriad of artistic activities happening in the Northeast and Southeast quadrants of the city. Weekend East City Event Round Up:  H Street Voodoo Edition  Thursday, April 3 Wild […]

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Noyes Park Clean Up This Saturday

April 2, 2014

The Friends of Noyes Park (FoNP), launched shortly after the new park was opened in summer 2013. Now that spring is here the FoNP is sponsoring the Noyes Park Community Clean-up Day, which will take place on Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 10 AM to 1 PM. The  clean up will be done in coordination with the Department […]

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