We have posted about New Years Eve Parties at Busboy’s and Poets and Smith Public Trust, and now Steel Plate has gotten in on the action and announced their New Year’s Eve event. There will be two DJ’s and the cover charge is $15 which includes a champagne toast and late night snacks. They are also open for dinner. Steel Plate is located at 3523 12th Street NE.Steel plate NYE Party


Franciscan Monastery Brookland NE Washington DC

Brookland’s Franciscan Monastery. Photo courtesy of RANdom Walkway Tumblr.

We thought readers would be interested in this Brookland tradition, starting Wednesday, December 24th (Christmas Eve).  The friars at the Monastery will light 1,000 candles dedicated to individuals for whom prayers are offered, and the candles will stay lit through the 7 nights from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve. A Rosary will also will be held daily at 11:45 as well. Reader Susan tells us “all are welcome. This is a great way to kick off Christmas. Its fun because everyone who comes gets to help with the lighting.” From the Monastery website:

Blessing of the Luminaria
The annual Blessing of the Luminaria will be Christmas Eve, 1:30 p.m., at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land. Join the friars in lighting more than 1,000 candles that will illuminate the  outdoor Rosary Portico during the “Seven Nights of Lights,” from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve. The candles symbolize a welcoming path into our homes and hearts for the Holy Family. The monastery is at 1400 Quincy St. NE, Washington, DC. Information: 202-526-6800 or fmgg.org.


Chocolate City Beer To Close On New Year’s Eve

by Shani on December 19, 2014

We are sad to report that local brewery Chocolate City Beer will be closing on December 31st. Here is a Tweet from them announcing their closure:

Beer lovers sampling Chocolate City Beer.

Beer lovers sampling Chocolate City Beer.

On their website, they posted this message:

After three and a half years in business, Chocolate City Beer will be closing its doors and turning off the lights on December 31st 2014. We want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to all our supporters, friends and family, to our neighbors in Brookland, Edgewood and to the greater DC/DMV region. It was our pleasure to be a part of the local craft beer renaissance since 2011.
We will remain open for our regular Growler Hours both Saturdays December, 20th and 27th, as well as a couple TBA weekday nights approaching New Years Eve.

Our latest and sadly, last brew is in the tank, a New Brew: a heavily hopped Black IPA named GoodBye.P.A.- w/ Citra and Galaxy Hops and a strong roasted malt backbone.

Be sure to swing by, say farewell, pick up some Growlers of the last Cornerstone Copper Ale, Cerveza Nacional Black Lager and our swan song GoodBye.P.A.


Christmas Carolers Gather Before Hitting The Streets (2011 Event)

Christmas Carolers Gather Before Hitting The Streets (2011 Event)

For over 50 years, Brooklanders have organized to serenade friends and neighbors with Christmas carols. I have participated in the annual event in previous years and have had fantastic time and met so many warm, friendly neighbors. If you don’t know a lot of carols by heart, don’t worry, sheet music will be provided. If you don’t sing well, don’t worry, it’s all about the community spirit. This year,  the caroling will take place on Saturday, December 20th.

Meet up inside the Rosary House, 1201 Monroe St., at 6:15 PM and be prepared to hit the streets of Brookland, caroling as you go. Typically it begins by singing to the firemen at Brookland’s Engine Company 17 Firehouse, and then going down 12th street to sing in a few businesses. There is also caroling around the neighborhood. It is so great to see the looks of happiness, appreciation and surprise on people’s faces as you passed them on the street and when they came out of their houses and businesses. The caroling ends up with a pot luck party at a home near 15th and Otis streets. All are welcome to join in for as long as you want. If this doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will.



M&S Barber servicesANC 5B04 Commissioner-elect Joe Barrios has been quietly working for months with Mr. Duane Johnson, owner of longtime Brookland business M&S Barber Services, in trying to keep this great neighborhood business here. In a letter sent recently to constituents, Barrios stated:
“…After 19 years in our community, the M&S Barber Shop (12th and Girard) is seeking to relocate. A new owner has purchased the property at 2900 12th Street NE to redevelop it and has chosen not to extend the barber shop’s lease. That means Mr. Duane Johnson, the owner, must vacate by the end of February 2015…I would like to enlist Brookland’s help in finding a new space that is affordable for a barber shop and as close as possible to 12th and Girard.
M&S moving is a grievous loss to our community. Many of us frequent the barber shop and know that it serves a much greater role than just a place to get our hair cut. Mr. Johnson has long been the eyes and ears of 12th and Girard, has helped spearhead the recent increased police presence in Brookland, and has worked with MPD countless times to solve crimes. He provides help and support to many seniors in our community. He also serves as a badly needed role model and advisor to many of Brookland’s youth.
He has welcomed change and new residents in Brookland with open arms because of the improvement it has brought to the neighborhood. Now that this change threatens to displace him I feel it is our duty to do everything possible to assist him…If anyone has word of commercial space that is available or may soon be available…please reach out to me as soon as possible. He is willing to sublet and/or share space if needed.”

We reached out to Mr. Johnson for a statement, and this is what he had to say:

“I’ve witnessed the many positive changes in the Brookland community, from a crime riddled section of NE to a community that displays vibrant and positive hope for professional people of all colors and creed and new businesses..and to the redevelopment Mecca which it has become.

I arrived in this community in spring 1993 and started my career as a barber/stylist at Miss J’s Beauty Salon, at 12th and Hamlin St., the owner was Mrs. Eunice Johnson.  My plan and goal was to achieve a profession and to establish and pursue  the desire of becoming a business owner…After two years of working at Miss. J’s, she and I took a walk in the direction of 2900 12th Street. We both got to the middle of the block and she stopped me, looked me in my eyes, and said “Go for it”, she said, “your taking me to the vacant spot on the corner, my son you’re ready, and your going to do well.”

On Sept. 16, 1995, at 11:34 am, my dad, mom, sister and myself signed a lease for 5 years, which opened the doors to M&S Barber Services. “M&S” are the  initials  of my parents, the late Mr. Medell Ford and my mom’s nick name Sweetsy Ford – and I was considered the “&”.  All my life my parents raised me to be considerate of others, to respect mankind, and to be humble no matter what. I promised them both that this would be a business that’s going to make a difference in the community and will change lives in a positive way…a business that will have pride and commitment to its community.

My goal was to make an major impact…M&S is not your average small business, its a establishment where all is welcome and you count as a human being, a place where you look forward to coming back too, and most importantly, where you are respected and not judged…you’re part of a large community family.

Small business don’t stand a chance, times have changed…Redevelopment  comes in and sees value, and destroy’s hard work and dreams,  no matter what it takes or what the cost is to the businesses and communities. By no means am I against redevelopment, I truly believe change has great offerings, but so does consideration (for small businesses).”

M&S will survive, thanks to the people that support the community. And I’ve proven to be one of those citizens.  19 years is a long time to just walk away, hard work has taken place my dream has come true, and now this is what’s become of it. My question is, how many condos and restaurants can one community have? Somewhere there’s going to be a need for small businesses.”

Joe and Duane have reached out to many commercial property owners on 12th Street with no luck so far. We are hoping that by spreading the word through a grassroots appeal, someone in the community will know of a workable option. Small businesses like M&S are a big part of what gives Brookland its “small town in a big city” appeal and make the fabric of our community stronger. If you know of any affordable commercial space options, please reach out to Joe Barrios at jbarrios9396 (at) gmail (dot) com and/or Duane at djluvs2cut (at) icloud (dot) com.

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Look out for the Wood Thrush - the DC State Bird!

Look out for the Wood Thrush – the DC State Bird!

Every year Brooklanders take part in the Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count.  This year marks the 115th anniversary of this continent-wide annual tradition. The purpose of the event is to have local groups count the birds in their areas and report them to a central counting system.  This helps the Audubon Society track populations of birds as they respond to the effects of climate and habitat changes. This year the count will take place on Saturday, December 20th.

 Everyone is welcome to join in, including children, whether you are an experienced birder or a first-timer, and children are welcome. The group will take a walk around the neighborhood identifying and counting every bird they see. Meet the group at 8:00 am at the parking lot on the east side of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (400 Michigan Avenue NE).  To sign up contact Anne Anderson at mobileanne (at) earthlink (dot) net. Expect to walk around CUA’s campus, walk across Harewood Rd. and look for birds in the woods, then move on to the reservoir and the Armed Forces Retirement Home by car.


Photos – GBGC Annual Brookland Ball Was A Blast!

December 15, 2014

For many Brooklanders, the Greater Brookland Garden Club (GBGC) holiday party, the Brookland Ball, is the event of the season. This year, host Jake Abbott did an incredible job of creating a festive atmosphere with amazing decorations, a live jazz band and warm hospitality. This year’s party was on Saturday December 13th. It was great […]

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Smith Public Trust To Host Free New Years Eve Party

December 13, 2014

Looking for something nearby and fun to do for New Years Eve? We recently learned that local hotspot Smith Public Trust is hosting  Spacecamp, a free New Years Eve party. The party begins at 8:00 pm and there will be craft beer specials, drink specials, live music, DJs and more! Smith Public Trust is located […]

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Brookland Community Job Fair Monday At M&S Barbershop

December 12, 2014

Thanks to Joe Barrios, 5B04 ANC Commissioner-elect for passing along this information about a Brookland Community Job Fair. M&S Barber Services and VMG Staffing Services are teaming up for the Job Fair on Monday, December 15th at M&S Barber Services, 2900 12th St NE, 10am-2pm. See attached flyer for topics and opportunities.

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Weekend East City Event Round Up: Artists Have the Best Holiday Parties Edition

December 11, 2014

We are pleased to bring you East City Art‘s Weekend Event Round Up. East City Art is a blog founded by editor Phil Hutinet in January, 2010, which documents the myriad of artistic activities happening in the Northeast and Southeast quadrants of the city. Congrats to East City Art for winning City Paper’s Best Arts Blog of 2014! […]

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